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D.A. Kellman Custom Homes - Luxury Real Estate Client Reviews

Our ultimate goal at D.A. Custom Homes is superior customer satisfaction. For our customers building a custom home, we seek to ensure excellent service and a unique, luxury custom home for each client from start to finish.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent service in all aspects of custom homes building, renovations & remodels, historical renovation, commercial renovations, land acquisitions, and property management. 

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Here are some valued testimonials from customers and colleagues:

"I have been a top 20 realtor on the Island of Palm Beach for the past 22 years, when I was introduced to David Kellman 10 years ago I knew with his drive and motivation we would do great things together, in my business you have to be able to move quick and give customers the proper response, I rely on David when I have any kinds of question in the construction field.  I introduced David to one of my buyers on the Island whom is currently building a custom home, to this day that customer thanks me everytime we see each other, if I can be of any assistance in recommending David Kellman to any kind of Construction job please feel free to call me…”

~ Chris Deitz, Fite Shavell Associates, Palm Beach, Florida


I have been involved with the Town of Palm Beach for over 30 years and 25 years of which was as Director of Planning, Zoning, and Building.​ I am currently the owners representative for Mr. and Mrs. Schootenstein at 270 El Bravo Way. It has been a pleasure working directly with David Kellman and Jim Woods on their project.

I have worked very closely with some of the top Palm Beach builders and I must say David and Jim rank in that top category."

~ R. Moore, Development Consultant

We are 30 year residents of Palm Beach and are constructing a 17,000 SF family home in the Estate section on the lake in Palm Beach. We would like this letter to state that we will provide the “highest and best references” for using David A. Kellman of  D.A. Kellman Custom Homes LLC as a builder. Several prominent Palm Beach builders were interviewed, and David was selected because of this overall outstanding attributes.  He has met and exceeded our expectations including:

Utilizing great contractors and suppliers who are capable of building to Palm Beach standards and our up scale architectural plans.

  • Bidding and procuring quotes at a reasonable pricing, and providing us value engineering and owner options during this process. 

  • Working well with the Town of Palm Beach; architects and engineers; interior designers; landscape, pool, hardscape designers; seawall-dock engineers; and offering input to their plans.

  • Excellent at managing and following a timely and detailed construction budget, schedule and bank draw process. Professional direct cooperation and appealing communication skills and manner with us as the owners and with our representatives.

  • ​Please feel free to contact me…

    ~ Gary Schottenstein, Owner of 17,000 SF Custom Family Home, Palm Beach, Florida

    I have been fortunate to work with David Kellman throughout the last ten years at two of the finest communities in the Northern Palm Beaches; Old Palm Golf Club and Harbour Isles.  These luxury homes were built with high level of craftsmanship with an average selling price of $1,500,00 to $5,000,000.  David builds an excellent home.  David’s responsibilities as Construction Manager interlaced with my duties as a Developer’s Representative and Sales Associate on a daily basis.

    Most homes were built to meet the specific requirements of each Buyer. Most of our buyers have built homes and at this price point expect a high level of professionalism and service.  His care for the client and superior service lasts long after the homeowner occupies their new home.  David’s strength of effective communication with vendors and subcontractors provides a benefit to his client of a quality built home with zero defects.

    I have found David to be easily accessible, on schedule with the delivery of a complex project, and able to exceed his client’s expectation.  I would recommend David.

    ~ Connie McGinnis, Director of Sales, Old Palm Golf Club

    In a nutshell, what you get with David is a project that is on time.  He was on budget, absolutely no hassle and with constant communication.  David is that rare builder that is fun to work with.

    We have a second in Florida that we purchased last summer.  We wanted to revise many of the details and structure in the house – certainly, we can provide more detail.  He gutted and changed the bathroom, removed walls, changed window framing, created what looks like minor tweaks to the house that really took great ingenuity.

    We recommended him to another family and they can tell you the same story.  He is just fabulous!

    ​~ Randy and Craig Rubin, Homeowners

    Please accept this letter of recommendation on behalf of David A Kellman Custom Homes.

    Two years ago, my next door neighbors embarked on a second story addition to their home, and employed David's company for the project. During the course of the construction, it was impressive to see the dedication David displayed as he spent every day on site, and with great attention to each detail. The new addition went flawlessly.

    During this time, David and I spoke almost weekly about the progress of his remodeling project and I was fortunate to get to know him personally and professionally. It was through watching him work and discussing the building process that I sought him out when I made the decision to build my new home.

    It is a pleasure to see a contractor take such a personal interest in his work and to finish as strongly as he begins a project. I am happy to recommend his company to anyone seeking a professional quality construction project for their own residence. Thank you.

    ​~ Timothy M. Hulett, Homeowner and Owner of Hulett environmental services